Mushroom Plantation

Images made of an abandoned mushroom plantation found inside the mountain. The mouldy mushrooms were extremely fragile and could not be touched or taken out of the cave to photograph in daylight.

Latent Fingerprints

A collection consisting of 4 documents found in a small archive in the Dutch village Ulenstraten kept by a former employee. The documents have been treated with the chemical 1,2-indanedione to reveal the hidden fingerprints. Many different types of paper – although looking clean – can carry a thin film of dirt and sweat particles that show the personal contact that people had with the object.

Golf Course Reconstruction

The Mushroom Club, 2017 – Golf Course Reconstruction (Film Stills)

Reconstruction of the golf course inside the complex based on information from archive material, as well as a wide variety of recollections from by former employees.

An intimate interplay

Earths Archive, An intimate interplay, 2016

“Life arose from minerals, then minerals arose from life.”

         Camera Name: Color Camera Nikon DS-Ri2
 Camera Settings: 
Camera Type: Nikon DS-Ri2
Binning: 1x1
Exposure: 58 ms
Gain: 1.5x
Sharpness: Medium
Brightness: 0.00
Hue: 0.00
Saturation: 0.00
WB Red: 0.82
WB Blue: 3.94
Scene Mode: Biological: LED Bright Field
Trigger Mode: Software

Many geologists assumed that most rocks had been around since the origins of Earth, well before life formed on this planet. However, recent discoveries show that the planet as we know it could not have existed, if it wasn’t for the strange, twisty relationship of living organisms and cold, lifeless rock. This project is a visual research based on this co-evolution.

Earths Archive, An intimate interplay, 2016

“Every form of life, from the first bio-bits to us human beings, has impacted the mineral diversity on earth. […] Nowadays the shifts within the Earth system are radical, even when set against geological time scales spanning millions of years.”  – Robert Hazen

Currently, scientists are searching for a better understanding of that close interplay of life and rocks, in order to predict our impact on the earth’s system. Geologists use thin sections of stone to investigate their mineral composition. I started looking at them as little drawings left behind for geoscientists by previous forms of life.


A site specific documentation of The Mushroom Club, Royal academy of arts, The Hague, 2017


For years, it was the best kept secret in the netherlands – the mushroom club – a former nato headquarters inside a mountain on the dutch-belgian border during the cold war. This underground network of tunnels is now physically stripped and officially erased on paper. What is left is an empty cave, objects taken out of their original context and the often inconsistent stories told by former employees. This project is an attempt to dig up information in order to reconstruct an image of the headquarters.



Fluorescent Signals-3
Fluorescent Signals-6
Fluorescent Signals-2

– 2016

The experiments carried out in these case studies show the reactions of plants to a stressful environment. Each plant was exposed to different circumstances: fire, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, boiling water, dehydration and root absorption of vinegar. Plants always emit fluorescence, but when a plant is under stressful conditions the fluorescent emittance increases. This fluorescence is invisible to the human eye. The images show the reactions of the plants 30 seconds after being exposed to the stress-inducers. If we could see beyond our limited visible spectrum, plants would appear to us as glowing organisms, directly responsive to their environment.