Mushroom Plantation

Images made of an abandoned mushroom plantation found inside the mountain. The mouldy mushrooms were extremely fragile and could not be touched or taken out of the cave to photograph in daylight.

Latent Fingerprints

A collection consisting of 4 documents found in a small archive in the Dutch village Ulenstraten kept by a former employee. The documents have been treated with the chemical 1,2-indanedione to reveal the hidden fingerprints. Many different types of paper – although looking clean – can carry a thin film of dirt and sweat particles that show the personal contact that people had with the object.

Golf Course Reconstruction

The Mushroom Club – Golf Course Reconstruction (Film Stills)

Reconstruction of the golf course inside the complex based on information from archive material, as well as a wide variety of recollections from by former employees.

The Earths Saga (ongoing project)

Stone Slice Hieroglyphs


“Life arose from minerals, then minerals arose from life.”

Earths Archive, Stone Slice Hieroglyphs

The earth’s saga is a mysterious tale of an intertwined co-evolution of living and nonliving spheres. This project shows thin slices of rock from the oldest parts of the earth collected by Naturalis and is a visual research into the strange relationship of life and rock.