Bottom Crawlers (coming up)
Set in Stone ‘21 (ongoing)
Melting Metal ‘20

Ichor ‘20
Fluorescent Signals ‘15-‘21
   ↪︎ Pond Ecology ‘20
The Mushroom Club ‘17

Research Archive 

MSA ‘18


  •     The work of Lisa van Casand (NL, 1990) deals with the ways in which us humans are connected, similar or inferior to other forms of (non)life in research based, scientific-poetic, mixed media installations.
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Curriculum Vitae

Education & Experience. 

2021 Image Editor at Follow The Money

2020 Freelance Image Editor at De Correspondent

2019 - 2020 Teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague. 2nd year course Dissecting Methodologies.

2019 Masterclass photography
Onderwijsraad, The Hague
2019 KNAW Honours programme
Arts/Science: Academy Honours Programme for Young Artists and Scientists

2018 - 2020 Workshop: How to graduate in 4 days, KABK, The Hague
2012 - 2017 Bachelor of Arts, Royal Academy of arts (KABK), The Hague

Awards, Grants & Collections.

2022 (Collectie)
FM Haaglanden (Fluorescent Signals / Set in Stone)

2021 (Grant)
MONDRIAAN FONDS Corona-overbrugging Kunstenaar 2021.

2020 (Grant)
MONDRIAAN FONDS Stipendium for Emerging Artists 2020. 

2020 (shortlisted)
THE BARTUR PHOTO AWARD Unity in Diversity & Climate Change

2019 (shortlisted )
STEDELIJK MUSEUM Municipal Art Acquisitions 2020

2017 (Nomination)

2017 (Winner – Honorary mention)
LIFE FRAMER, Life Framer edition IV – OPEN CALL, judged by Katerina Stathopoulou, curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

2017 (award)
HEDEN Start Award

2017 (department prize)
ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS (KABK) department prize winner of the Bachelor of Photography

2017 (Collection)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MATTER (Nutshuis, The Hague & RecycleArt, Brussels)

2015 (Collection)
MAL Collection Loppersum

2014 (Winner)
BREDAPHOTO Academy Project

Selected exhibitions 

2022/05 (group exhibition)
Beelden in Leiden, Leiden

2021/09 (group exhibition)
Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2021, Groningen

2021/07 (group exhibition)
Prospects 2021, Art Rotterdam

2021/03 (group exhibition)
Moon Gallery: The Bridge, PLNT, Leiden 

2020/11 (group exhibition)
Meaning Seeking Animals, Virtual Art Book Fair, Tokyo, Japan

2020/09 (group exhibition)
Close Cosmos, Leiden Observatory, Hortus Botanicus, Leiden

2020/07 (group exhibition)
Moon Water Gallery, Festival Dos Canais, Aveiro, Portugal

2020/06 (group exhibition)
Moon Gallery Garde, zone2source, Amsterdam

2020/05 (group exhibition)
Tiny Art Gallery, The Hague

2019/12 (group exhibition)
Moon Gallery EMMIHS Simulation
HI-SEAS, Mauna Loa, Hawaii

2019/11 (group exhibition)
Mixed Memories, Yangzhou Culture Centre, Yangzhou, China 

2019/10 (group exhibition)
Moon Habitat, Designblok, Prague, Polen

2019/09 (solo exhibition)
UvA Science park, Amsterdam

2019/04 (group exhibition)
CCHA, Festival van de Controle, Hasselt
Curated by Sarah van marcke en Thierry Vandenbussche

2019/02 (lecture)
SPUI25, Onbegrensd: Intelligent gedrag bij planten, Amsterdam

2018/12 (group exhibition)
Moon Gallery, Space Expo, Noordwijk

2018/11 (group exhibition)
Moon Gallery, The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk

2018/09 (radio interview)
Stedelijk Museum, Ja ja ja, nee nee nee, Amsterdam

2018/09 (book launch)
Stedelijk Museum, Stedelijk Book Club Print! Press! Publish!, Amsterdam

2018/07 (solo exhibition)
OpZicht, Stroom, The Hague

2018/06 (artist talk)
Galerie Heden, Hoogtij #53/Holaa!Festivall, The Hague

2018/05 (solo exhibition)
Galerie Heden, The Mushroom Club, The Hague

2018/04 (group exhibition)
Salone de Mobile, My Practice My Politics, Milan Curated By Agata Jaworska and Saskia van Stein

2018/04 (group exhibition)
KunstRAI, Galerie Heden, Amsterdam

2017/12 (group exhibition)
NATO-Caves, The Mushroom Club, Maastricht

2017/12 (group exhibition)
This Art Fair, Galerie Heden, Amsterdam

2017/10 (group exhibition)
Fotofestival Schiedam, Blauwdruk, Schiedam

2017/10 (lecture)
Recyclart, EXTRA FORT lisa van Casand/Eva Donckers/Ksenia Galiaeva/Arjan de Nooy, Brussels

2017/10 (group exhibition)
Art The Hague, Galerie Heden, The Hague

2017/09 (artist talk)
Het Nutshuis, Hoogtij #50, The Hague

2017/09 (group exhibition)
Het Nutshuis, MATTER, The Hague

2017/06 (group exhibition)
Royal Academy of Art, Graduation Festival, The Hague

2016/01 (group exhibition)
Art-Deli, Nacht, Amsterdam

2015/10 (group exhibition)
Dutch Design Week, Limbo, Eindhoven

2015/10 (group exhibition)
Unseen, Art-Deli meets Unseen, Amsterdam

2015/09 (group exhibition) Temporary Art Centre, Zomerzucht, Eindhoven

2014/09 (group exhibition) BredaPhoto, Songs From the Heart, group exhibition, Breda