Bottom Crawlers (coming up)
Set in Stone ‘21 (ongoing)
Melting Metal ‘20

Ichor ‘20
Fluorescent Signals ‘15-‘21
   ↪︎ Pond Ecology ‘20
The Mushroom Club ‘17

Research Archive 

MSA ‘18


  •     The work of Lisa van Casand (NL, 1990) deals with the ways in which us humans are connected, similar or inferior to other forms of (non)life in research based, scientific-poetic, mixed media installations.
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Set in Stone  

SIS / 2020 - ongoing
About Set in Stone

↪︎ Art Rotterdam, Prospects 2021, Set in Stone (and Ichor)

SIS / 2020
About Set in Stone

          We change the composition of the atmosphere and the earth like no other creature ever did. Now it becomes clear that we must change our attitude: instead of exploiting the earth, we must show solidarity with it. From this idea the work Set in Stone (2020) was born, for which I am transforming thin-sections of stone into inviting and tactile fabrics. 

↪︎ Art Rotterdam, Prospects 2021, Set in Stone

↪︎ Art Rotterdam, Prospects 2021, Set in Stone


↪︎ Thin-slice images of stone

↪︎ 3D rendered image of fabric made from stone thin slice

SIS / 2020
About Collaboration

            With special thanks to Hanco Zwaan and Naturalis (Leiden) for giving me the space and time to work in the Netherlands Gemstone Laboratory (NEL).

↪︎ 3D rendered exhibition design image